I’m not sure if character traits translate via
DNA from parents to children, but in my case
they absolutely did, as I got a ton of gumption
and grit from my capable and
outdoor-savvy parents. - Malcolm

March 9, 1941
Malcolm Alexander Smith is born on Salt Spring Island in
British Columbia, Canada. In the mid-forties, Malcolm’s parents make plans to buy a motel in Palm Springs.
Economics derail the plan
and the family instead moves to San Bernardino, California.
It all started with
a 1953 Lambretta
that led to a 1949
Matchless and the rest
as they say is history...
1954: A young Malcolm’s fascination with mechanical things leads him to buy a Lambretta scooter with the help of his mother. In the days and months that follow he proceeds to ride it everywhere he should and everywhere he shouldn’t.

1956: Malcolm sells the scooter to buy his first real motorcycle, a 1949 500cc Matchless. Later that year he enters his first race, a hare scramble in Moreno Valley, CA.
1961: Malcolm meets Kenny Johnson and Norm McDonald, who owned a shop in nearby Riverside called K&N Motorcycles. Norm convinces Malcolm to drop out of college and offers Malcolm the service manager position at their shop, knowing of Malcolm’s love and talent for working on motorcycles.

1966: Malcolm and K&N agree to a partnership where he purchases the service department. After a fateful meeting with Edison Dye, Malcolm begins selling Husqvarna motorcycles. This leads to Malcolm purchasing the entire dealership from Kenny and Norm in 1967.
1967: Malcolm Smith Motorsports is founded. Malcolm wins his 1st ISDT Gold Medal (International Six Days Trial, often referred to as the Olympics of Motorcycling) in Poland and wins the very first Mexican 1000 (now called the Baja 1000) on a Husqvarna.

1968: Malcolm does not compete in the ISDT due to a broken leg. Instead he drives a buggy in the Stardust / 7-11 race in the desert near Las Vegas and wins with a time over 37 hours.
1969: Malcolm wins his 2nd ISDT Gold Medal in Germany
1970: Malcolm wins his 3rd ISDT Gold Medal in Spain and is captured on film for the upcoming documentary On Any Sunday. He wins one of the richest desert races at the time, the Mint 400.

1971: This is a banner year for Malcolm with another ISDT Gold Medal, his 4th, on the Isle of Mann and wins in both the Baja 500 and 1000 desert races.
Last but certainly not least is Malcolm’s starring role in Bruce Brown’s classic On Any Sunday, a hip documentary on the world of motorcycling. Suddenly the world knew Malcolm Smith and his ear to ear grin.
1972: Malcolm wins the Baja 1000 and starts Malcolm Smith Racing Products (now known as MSR) selling various parts and apparel to racers of all kinds.

1973: Malcolm wins his 5th ISDT Gold Medal and the first time Team USA wins the Silver Vase.

1974: Malcolm wins his 6th ISDT Gold Medal in Italy.
1975: Malcolm wins his 7th ISDT Gold Medal, once again on the Isle of Mann. He also wins his first Baja 1000 in a buggy. He wins the Roof of Africa rally on a motorcycle which he considers to be his most memorable race.

1976: Malcolm wins his final ISDT Gold Medal in Austria, bringing his total medal count to nine. Amazingly, eight of them were gold medals in one of motorcycling’s most difficult and demanding events.
1977: The method of qualifying for the ISDT changes dramatically and Malcolm decides to retire from ISDT competition.

1978: Malcolm wins the Baja 500 in a buggy nicknamed the Bel-Ray Bullet.

1982: Malcolm continues to focus on his motorcycle dealership and his ever-expanding MSR line of off-road apparel and accessories.

1983: Malcolm marries Joyce, his long time travel agent and best friend.

1987: Rallye D’Atlas
They asked, “Why are you here with a two-wheel drive buggy? You will never make it through the sand. Everyone runs four-wheel drive.” I told them, “I’ll be OK.” We were first across the finish line, and there was no more “Buggy Boy” talk. - Malcolm

1988: Rallye Paris-Alger-Dakar Malcolm finishes 4th overall, the top American finisher at that time.
Dakar was much more than a race. It was a war. During those three weeks my 46-yr-old body got amazingly tired. Insanely hungry and thirsty. Unbelievably sore. Mad as hell. Frustrated. And scared to death. - Malcolm

1995: Malcolm Smith Adventures, Inc. grew out of the numerous requests to lead motorcyclists on tours of the Baja peninsula, traversing some of the legendary Baja 1000 trails. Spearheaded by Joyce, the "Malcolm's Seven Days of Baja" charity ride began.

This annual charity event has grown to include 75 riders and support crew and has spawned several smaller rides in North and South America. To date the annual Baja Ride has contributed over $700,000 to the children of Baja. In 1995 Malcolm and Joyce took interest in a then fledgling orphanage at Valle Trinidad in Baja Mexico. Today, this children’s home nestled high in the Baja mountains is one of the few accredited children’s homes in Baja.

1998: Malcolm Smith Motorsports Foundation is established. It is a motorsports community based organization, fully committed to giving back to the future leaders of Baja, the children. Malcolm Smith Motorsports Foundation supports orphaned children in Baja by providing them with funds to attend high school, University, Medical and Dental School.

Malcolm is inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame for his results in the ISDT and his work on behalf of the motorcycling community.

2006: After steady growth in the ‘90s, Malcolm and Joyce decide once again to raise the bar and begin construction on what has become the standard by which all other dealerships are judged. After three years of construction, Malcolm relaunches his dealership in the current location, becoming Southern California's premier motorsports destination.

2008: Malcolm and Joyce win Spirit of the Entrepreneur Lifetime Achievement Award.

2009: Malcolm and Joyce win #1 Top Dealer in America by Dealernews Magazine. Malcolm once again wins gold.

2014: Malcolm and Joyce retire, leaving the day to day operations in Alexander and Ashley’s hands.

Today, Malcolm is still a talented motorcyclist, and can leave much younger riders in the dust – as evidenced by his recent veteran class win in the SCORE Baja 1000 race. Malcolm's lifetime of experience has influenced and shaped motorcycle design and riding safety gear to this day. He is regularly involved in product development with MSR and is a leading force in the motorsports industry. Stop by ‘the shop’as he calls it and see for yourself why Malcolm is so proud of his dealership. You are sure to see him walking the floor and talking to customers. If Malcolm isn't at his dealership, you can be sure that he is somewhere with his motorcycle, riding like the champion that he is.

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